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Welcome to Craving Palestine, an online marketplace and movement that showcases and celebrates the rich heritage, vibrant culture, and immense talent of Palestine. Founded by Lama Bazzari and Farrah Abuasad, our platform empowers Palestinian artisans, designers, startups and small businesses through a global showcase of their craftsmanship. Our offerings include a best-selling cookbook, a marketplace for emerging talent, fundraising supper clubs, and a globally recognized online social movement and podcast that centers and amplifies Palestinian voices.

We curate responsibly sourced products that preserve the authenticity of Palestinian culture. Every purchase supports education, health, and development programs for refugees while promoting job creation within Palestine.

Join us on a journey of exploration, celebration, and empowerment as we center Palestinian voices and share the stories behind each product. Together, we support a thriving community of talented individuals and embrace the beauty of Palestine through our marketplace, supper clubs, creative collaborations, online movement and podcast.

Mission Statement:

At Craving Palestine, we celebrate Palestinian culture and craftsmanship by empowering small businesses, artisans, and designers. Through our platform, we curate a unique collection of quality products, elevating the shopping experience. We are committed to ethical sourcing, responsible practices, and supporting socially impactful businesses. Join us in discovering Palestinian treasures and supporting a thriving community of talent. Through our supper clubs, online social movement and creative activations and podcast, we celebrate, amplify and center Palestinian voices and showcase Palestine’s rich identity, heritage and culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact Statement:

At Craving Palestine, we believe in the power of business to create positive change and make a lasting impact on communities. Through ethical sourcing and responsible practices, we prioritize fair labor, safe working conditions, and sustainable production. We support Palestinian communities by contributing to education, health, and development programs, fostering job creation initiatives, and giving back through proceeds from purchases. By empowering creative entrepreneurs, promoting transparency and accountability, and fostering collaborations and partnerships, we strive to build a world where social responsibility and business success go hand in hand. Join us in celebrating Palestinian culture, supporting local artisans, and creating a lasting social impact.