Craving Palestine’s global fundraising movement is the brainchild of a daughter, Farrah - an avid poet, writer and high school student and mother Lama – an impact entrepreneur and philanthropist - seeking to raise awareness and funds for the decades long Palestinian humanitarian disaster and connect people through food and a Palestinian narrative beautifully conveyed through each contributors story and recipe, showcasing how Palestinians are able to not only succeed but thrive when given the chance. The end result is a recipe book and global fundraising movement, bringing together a Craving Palestine community, that is coming together to offer similar opportunities to Palestinian youth, bound by love and a shared humanity to make a far reaching impact.


 Fadi Kattan, has worked in Paris, London, and Palestine on tourism development, marketing, sustainability and strategy, food and gastronomy promotion, and international tourism relations and comes from one of the oldest Christian families in Bethlehem, growing up in the holy town just off Star Street, its most famous boulevard. Kattan’s inspiration comes from his grandmother’s kitchen. She founded the Arab Women’s Union in Bethlehem. His Hosh Al-Sryian team includes Faten Halahla, Salam Atallah, Fatima Sbeih, Nisreen Serhan, Ahmad Mansour, Talal Soufan, Ilias Awatleh,who worked closely with Fadi on recipe authentications for the recipe book.

NGO Partner


We have all seen the ways conflict and displacement fragment life for refugees and others in the Middle East. In 1968, a small group of concerned Americans came together to do something about it. They founded Anera to respond to the Palestinian refugee crisis in the wake of the 1967 war and in aid of displaced Palestinian refugees and working tirelessly to provide long term support to communities through education, health and development programs.


Full Proceeds of the first edition of the Craving Palestine Recipe book sales  will go towards Anera’s education, development and health  programs, benefiting communities across Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

Legal Partner


Under the helm of its founder and managing partner, Mark Habka, Beirut Legal Law Firm is a Middle Eastern law firm with offices in Beirut and Dubai. In 2009, the firm established an office in Central Beirut, the firm offers a full range of legal services to a select and exclusive “short list” clientèles that includes: domestic and foreign medium and large companies, public listed companies, public bodies, embassies and diplomatic bodies, private individuals as far as well-known multinational corporations’ resident in North America, Europe and Asia.


Beirut Legal Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services and innovative solutions to regional, national, international clients. As advisors and counselors, we offer clients diverse legal services focused on responsive and efficient solving. We know our client’s industries, which gives us a unique perspective in solving their business challenges

Gemma is Founder and director of one of London’s leading restaurant PR agencies, working with top chefs, restaurants, bars and hotels across the UK and globally.


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